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In just 30 Seconds, capture customer feedback & insights with instant ease.

Customer Feedback System

Keeping on top of what customer is being said in that stream is a challenge for any business!

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Customer Survey App

Gathering and acting on customer feedback is important to the success of any business.

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Employee Feedback App

Transform your unhappy Employees to happy Employees with simple communication workflows.

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NPS Software

Displays Net Promoter Score® that indicates customers’ satisfaction and their willingness to promote the product.

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Give your customers a VOICE

WowFeedbacks is a leading provider of online surveys in UAE. Learn why our UAE customers choose WowFeedbacks to help them design and send professional online surveys. Create customer experiences that drive loyalty and spend by understanding the key drivers of customer satisfaction at every touchpoint. Predict what your customers will do next and anticipate their future needs with predictive analytics.

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