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Overview HR Software Dubai

The advent of innovation and technology in business in Dubai has exponentially increased the importance of HRMS in organizations. The scope of HR today has widened immensely along with a competitive market for businesses. Companies have to put in place a comprehensive HRMS to manage an extensive, talented, and growing workforce. The HR software in Dubai today has to be robust, automated, and capable of integrating many human resource activities to provide unified services.

Cloud-based HRMS in UAE provide organizations with the computational power and flexibility required to survive and progress in the digital age. A cloud-based HR system in Dubai can bring many benefits to your organization and create immense value contributing to your company’s stature, reputation and growth in the market. The HRMS system in UAE acquired by a firm is aimed at enhancing the performance of employees to reach the business goals of the company.

Cloud-based HRMS in Dubai provide organizations with the computational power and flexibility required to survive and progress in the digital age. A cloud-based HR system in dubai can bring many benefits to your organization and create immense value contributing to your company’s stature, reputation and growth in the market. The HRMS system in UAE acquired by a firm is aimed at enhancing the performance of employees to reach the business goals of the company.

  • Eliminate error-prone, manual and time-consuming spreadsheet/excel based workflows
  • Empower and engage your employees
  • Track attendance and optimize your business expenditure

Our free HR software in Dubai lets you easily manage all your employee data, shift details, absence records, staff holidays, expenditure, and training and assessments, with the help of an easy-to-use digital platform. Our package is a broader system that includes most of the following modules in the form of a single streamlined package:

  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Training management
  • Payroll management
  • Performance and appraisals, etc

Our cloud-based HRMS package can provide a number of significant benefits such as:

  • Eliminating paper clutter
  • Enhancing user accessibility
  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Efficient integration of organization functions with less effort
  • Fewer upgrades and maintenance
  • No hidden charges

As the best HR software in UAE, the package is designed to improve all-round productivity and engage employees at all levels, both of these being crucial ingredients for your company’s growth. Our HRMS software platform in Dubai thus meticulously combines all HR processes and systems to ensure smooth functioning of data and easy management of acquired human resource data. It will also help the company to achieve its objectives of sustained growth and expansion.

HR Software in UAE Key Features

HRMS Package

Recruitment process

The integrated HR software in Dubai streamlines the recruitment process – from job posting on multiple websites and social media. Other functions include application screening, auto-response facility, background checks, Offer letter issuance, etc.

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Payroll Process

Payroll Process reduces the workload of the HR department to a large extent. The module is designed to manage monthly salary payments for the workforce, manage incentive/bonus programs, take into account travel expenses and Compensations, manage loans and deductions, etc.

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Employee Performance

The software is designed to evaluate any employee’s performance on the job and capabilities well beyond the job role such as skill-sharing, teamwork initiation, timely completion of projects, etc. This can help the HR Manager analyse the productivity and contribution of the employee toward the progress of the company and make suggestions for the yearly appraisal.

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Attendance Management

Our cloud-based HR Software in Dubai can schedule shifts and mark employee attendance to ensure that the staff members are on time and production continues. The software package can be used across multiple branches at different locations, departments, or projects. The attendance timesheet is integrated with the payroll process to make the salary calculation smooth.

Industries we serve

VMS Software Dubai

Small & Medium Businesses

For SMBs, our HRMS software in UAE can help to streamline day-to-day HR activities such as recruitment and onboarding of new employees, managing employee leave, reimbursements, and payroll. Ours is a comprehensive hire-to-retire solution for SMBs.

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Large Organization

Large organizations have started moving their software to the cloud as it is helping businesses stay mobile, agile, and analytics-driven. Our cloud HR software in UAE supports basic functions and also advanced functions such as new tools for social and referral recruiting, performance management, the science of assessment, online learning and development, and workplace wellness.

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Construction companies have a large workforce working on projects across different departments. Zapio’s free HR software in Dubai allows functions that help the smooth functioning of large construction organizations. We have incorporated tools such as a biometric identification system for marking attendance and employee timesheets that will act as input for the payroll system.

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Zapio’s HR software Dubai has realized that with the increased growth in the retail sector, businesses have to carry out various processes including process automation, workflow optimization, on-demand scaling, etc. Our HR software package also helps in the smooth management of the HR department. Sound HRMS software helps to execute ongoing HR tasks seamlessly including meeting every payroll need.

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The cloud-based HRMS of Zapio Dubai helps to improve any organization’s efficiency. The HRM systems developed for the manufacturing industry enable the HR team to manage functions of both employee payroll and related benefits in a better fashion. Moreover, it is designed to schedule different employee shifts and leaves, provide accurate on-time salaries, allow easy permission access, and more.

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Real Estate

It is not easy to manage property buyers and sellers, but Zapio’s HRMS software in the UAE makes it easy to manage both your people and your documents. The package allows for keeping track of multiple contracts and your team. Managing the HR processes of your people working across multiple teams in different locations becomes simple. We have designed a rostering system which lets you assign departments and places for easy management and reporting.

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The whole package has been designed to provide a better employee experience. All administrative functions including timekeeping, attendance and leave management, payroll management, expense control, statutory compliances, etc. are all operational within Zapio’s HRMS systems in UAE to ensure that the focus is on the healthcare service and delivery.

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Zapio’s best HRMS software platform in Dubai enables you to manage multiple locations and people working there easily. It enables you to manage the entire employee lifecycle and centralizes all your HR information in one place. You can obtain instantaneous figures and insights on job allocations, timesheets, leave availed, attendances, recruitments, appraisals, and expenses.

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Cafes & Restaurants

Whether yours is a canteen, café, restaurant with dining-in or a full-fledged hotel, Zapio’s top HR software in Dubai can manage the complex timing and attendance management of your employees. You may have many employees spread throughout your business in different departments doing different jobs at different times of the day. The package will help you to manage, monitor, and compensate them properly.

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Recruitment and onboarding

This module is designed to handle all the authorization and form-filling processes when a new employee is recruited. The package is designed with different workflow pipelines for hires in different departments/roles.

The onboarding function is used when you have new hires and they have to be guided through your organization’s onboarding and induction process.

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Organizational chart

As the top HR software in UAE, any new employee can get to see a visual representation of the HR chart of the organization at the touch of a button.

It is a detailed visual diagram of the organization’s internal hierarchical structure and is designed to include the names of employees, their primary role, their job responsibilities, and the relationships with others/hierarchy within the organization.

VMS Software Dubai

Employee self-service

Our cloud HR package is designed to let all your employees handle some of the relevant HR, IT, and other administrative functions on their own. The package portal is designed to provide 24/7 access to all the information related to the employee.

The result is that they can complete specific tasks on their own without having the need to make extra phone calls, file paperwork or connect with other HR employees.

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Employee Benefits Management

Our HRMS software platform in Dubai helps to efficiently administer the employee benefits program of your organization. Using the package, you can protect all the benefits and rights of the employees by managing their overtime, bonuses and arrears, safety issues, and insurance reimbursements.

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Leave Management System

The HR software package we have designed streamlines most of the administrative functions associated with employees’ requests for time off in a smooth, efficient, and transparent fashion. Our leave management system makes it easy for administrators to track and approve/deny employee leave requests. The package includes key functions related to time and attendance management, employee leave application and absence management, etc., among others.

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Employee and Document Management

Our HR management software in Dubai also contains an inbuilt document management system that helps to centralize all the most important HR files in a single location which is easily accessible. Our package comes with a readymade tool that works to acquire, store, and manage all essential documentation for employees in an organization.

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Payroll management and processing

Our HRMS package also includes payroll management and processing functions some of which are automated. Our accurate payroll management function generation of reports such as leave summaries and salary statements. The automated portions of the software facilitate the printing of the payslips and downloading forms that are relevant to payroll statutes and regulations. It also has an extensive reporting feature.

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Time and Attendance Management

Our extensively designed HRMS package supports an advanced Time and Attendance management system. This helps administrators keep track of the staff members’ attendance records and whether they are keeping up their timings. This helps the organization to save both time and money in the long run. Another benefit is the reduction of workload and an increase in efficiency. 

VMS Software Dubai

Loan Management

This function of the HRMS software in UAE is an easy-to-use module that helps to track any loan that is given to an employee of an organization for a purpose. All that the HR personnel have to do is enter the details of the loan given to an employee and leave the rest to the software package. The package processes the payroll taking into consideration all the bonuses and the deductions that have to be taken into account.

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Training Management

This function of the HRMS package streamlines employee training in an organization. All the training initiatives can be managed digitally. The function is extensively designed to even identify training needs and manage post-training feedback, all on a single platform.

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Performance and appraisal

Our performance appraisal software is a broad spectrum function that helps to conduct meaningful frequent reviews for the employees, allows management to customize performance evaluations according to requirements, and plans employee assessments according to schedules. Managers can use this function a manner to motivate their teams to excel in their performances.

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This function of our HRMS software in Dubai is designed to manage the accommodation data of your staff members. From the allocation of apartments to the deduction of rental amounts from their salaries, the software package takes care of all your employees’ boarding needs.

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Fleet Management

This portal of the HRMS software helps to track all the vehicles of the organization from one centralized location. This will help your organization to improve efficiency while cutting down costs and simultaneously providing compliance with regulations and statutes. It also encourages responsible and safe vehicle use. You can track any vehicle of your organization in real-time.

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Oftentimes, company and information related to employees are either sensitive or restricted data. Our HRMS software in Dubai offers a high level of privacy and data protection. The data security features in our HRMS software include encrypted user data, management of security controls, and more. As a cloud-based system, different in-built layers of security keep the data safe.

Benefits of using our HR software in Dubai

Centralized dashboard

In addition to providing all the stakeholders with the required information at a glance, the administrators will get all the data required for deep insights to take timely management decisions.

Easy Onboarding

Our new hire onboarding solution helps you complete all the required paperwork in a jiffy. It makes it easier to send them welcome emails and the preliminary checklists.

Manage requests digitally

Our HRMS platform in Dubai integrates, automates, and manages many of the HR requests digitally. This frees up the time of the HR staff to do more productive work.

Easy recruitment

Well-designed HRMS systems in UAE can run like clockwork and help in the easy recruitment of new employees. We have built it with suitable technology to support this function.

Safe And Secure Employee Data

Our first step towards ensuring data security and compliance is storing all the sensitive employee data in one place. The cloud-based HRMS platform had security inbuilt into the different layers for utmost data protection.

Keep Track of document expiry

The inbuilt document expiry notification and alert system in the HRMS serve to make team documentation renewal an easy job.

Easy performance monitoring

Our HRMS package supports continuous performance monitoring throughout the year thus making your annual appraisal an easy and comfortable affair.

Manage everything on the APP

You can manage the entire HR functions on the go with the help of our responsive app on your smartphone. Your HR duties need not wait!

Spend less time on paperwork

One of the major benefits of using the HRMS software platform in Dubai is you can cut down on paperwork and free up your time to spend on more productive task

Clean and powerful HR Software UAE

Zapio’s HR software in Dubai manages most of the tasks electronically and minimizes the need for paper documentation and management. The powerful package helps managers and HR personnel to allocate their time to productive jobs instead of routine time-wasting affairs. The result is increased profitability.

Designed, engineered, and supported in UAE

Our HRMS software has been crafted to simplify HR processes and manage the workforce efficiently for organizations in the UAE. The package has also been designed to meet regulatory compliances in the Emirates. Designed for SMBs, Zapio has designed and developed the cloud-based HRMS package for different types of organizations functioning in different sectors in the UAE.

Simple. Flexible. Scalable.

Zapio’s top HR software in Dubai is a simple system that is easy to learn and manage for anyone. The package incorporates a lot of flexibility that allows for the incorporation of frequently changing parameters, and regulatory compliances and, being cloud-based, can easily be scaled as and when demand surges occur. The package can be used by those organizations that have to recruit a large number of people suddenly for specific purposes.

Speed and security of the Cloud

At the very outset, the cloud-based HRMS software platform is fast and simple to use. Whereas traditional systems required the package to be installed across your company network, cloud-based systems help you to skip regular infrastructure, expensive software, and high-cost maintenance by IT experts.

Goodbye paperwork

By using Zapio’s top HR software in Dubai, your departments can transition from physical documents to electronic document management systems. The jobs are much easier to do and will not have any need for paper. From employee onboarding, attendance management, leave management, employee payroll, the printing of salary slips, etc., are digitized, doing away with any need for paper use.

Empower your people, engage your employees

Installing Zapio’s modern HRMS goes to demonstrate the best management initiatives as far as empowering the workers of your organization is concerned. Many of the jobs are designed to provide access to the employees, with the result that they are engaged and responsible to enter and manage some data on their own.

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We understand that Technologies is an integral driver of success in today’s business world and offer a complete suite of services to exceed your every need.

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Digital Revolution in HRMS Software Dubai

Already today, the cloud, mobile access and online self-service are becoming a matter of course in private life and everyday business practice. The role of hrms software in uae goes far beyond human resources administration or payroll calculation. Plan working time flexibly, according to the regulations and preferences of employees. Use employee and manager self-service solutions. Manage HRMS Software in dubai, documentation in electronic form (e-files). The paper document flow is not necessary to handle leave requests and other HR matters.

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Management of Leaves and Employees

It is the responsibility of HR software UAE to manage the amendments as well as leaves of an employee. The efficient Payroll Management Software in Dubai will manage all the paid as well as unpaid leaves of an employee efficiently with other adjustment of salaries, bonus, incentives overtime and other additional benefits. ZapioHRMS, HR Software in Dubai improves employee engagement through transparency, recognition, and feedback.

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Attendance Maintenance

In ZapioHRMS, there is a module that allows tracking of attendance of employees. Effective Payroll Management Software in UAE allows the employee to electronically mark their attendance, leaves and other activities. It can widely track employee’s data and make it easy for HR as well as payroll department to track and maintain the complete record. HR department could review employee’s performance and then on this payroll system will manage their salaries.

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Develop your people and scale your business with ZapioHR. Create a continuous cycle of performance management and personalized learning that powers employee engagement and the success of your business. Manage company, team and individual goals. Use flexible metrics (numerical, milestones, currency, etc.). Automatically include goals in manager check-ins. Visualize dependencies in goal trees.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a list of the most frequently asked questions in HR & Payroll Software in UAE
Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have!

HR software UAE – What is this?

HRMS expands to Human Resource Management System. Alternately, others also refer to this as HRIS, which expands to Human Resource Information System. Typically this is an end-to-end software system that is designed to handle the complete HR and Payroll management functions of an organization.
Having a user-friendly interface, the HRMS software Dubai designed by Zapio takes care of all aspects of the complete HR and payroll processing functions of an organization. The system consists of many integrated modules that can be customized for different business needs.

HR Software Dubai – What are its benefits?

This HR software tool by Zapio is the best HR software in Dubai. This is a simple HR Software tool that is designed to operate effectively in a manner to manage all the HR and payroll functions of a medium to large company/enterprise. The on-demand reporting systems incorporated into this system are extensive and flexible and this helps make on-the-spot decisions in favor of the business.
Some of the other benefits include streamlining the recruitment process, easy attendance management of the employees, improve intra-department communication on HR issues, plan and control HR management expenses, and enhance employee productivity.

Is it possible to configure the workflows in HR payroll software UAE?

ZapioHR allows the introduction of organization-specific workflows to be created and used comfortably. As an example, company-specific leave requests, approvals, reimbursements, claims, TDS declarations, etc., can be created and used for a smooth flow of HR operations.
The HR personnel can also set up a multi-level approval process within the organization. This is a key feature of ZapioHR, the best HR software in UAE. Zapio’s workflow creation and management are therefore very flexible as well as versatile.

Will you provide training for the HRMS software UAE?

As the creators of the best HRMS software in Dubai, training is a mandatory step in the implementation process of the software for our clients. We, at Zapio, will send our expert representatives to provide training for your staff members to use the HRMS software.
In addition to this, we will also provide suitable training videos when we install the software in your system. These videos will have all the functionalities of our HRMS package explained in full detail so that your staff members will find it easy to work with our HRMS software system.

What are the key features I should look out for in HR software Dubai?

Any HR software package will have some standard basic features. However, a lot depends on the business process of your organization. Your business strategy is also vital in deciding the key features. In the first place, you should be clear with what you want to achieve by using our HR software UAE.
At Zapio, we build customized solutions for our clients according to their needs and processes. Also, our HR solutions are future-proofed and built using the latest technology stacks. This will help your business to sustain itself in the future and also correctly engage your workforce.

Does HR software UAE offer self-service?

The ZapioHR ESS module offers self-service for the employees. This helps employees of the organization to input their personal data into the system. This module of the best HR software Dubai allows access to the employee’s personal data in the organization’s HR system. Changes made via the ZapioHR ESS are immediately updated in the employee centralized database.
The employees can access the ESS module via a password. Employees who have forgotten their ZapioHR ESS password can immediately request another one via the user interface. A new password is accepted only if it sufficiently secure. Moreover, the employee may have to set new passwords at regular intervals.

How does Zapio’s HR Payroll software Dubai function?

The key function of this software package by Zapio, one of the best HR software companies in Dubai, is the automation of the payroll processing of an organization. If we take an example, the HR professionals of the company need not have to manually compile the attendance records, and timesheets to calculate salary totals.
Such manual tasks are automated by the system and therefore the team can focus on more important activities. However, it is always possible for the HR personnel to make manual adjustments in case figures have to be changed after automatic processing. Functions such as attendance tracking and on-boarding are also taken care of by the software package.

What type of organizations can use Zapio’s HR Payroll software Dubai?

Different types of organizations can use Zapio’s HR Payroll software to streamline their HR Payroll functions. As one of the best HR software companies in Dubai, we have designed the software package such that it can be used by manufacturing firms and service organizations as well. The best part is that we can customize the package according to the business needs of our clients.
Therefore, this package can be used advantageously by even non-profit organizations. The size of the organizations can also vary. This package can be used for small firms with a few employees or medium-sized businesses having more employees.

Does Zapio HR payroll Dubai allow configurable reports?

At Zapio Technologies, the makers of the best HR software in UAE, we have designed our HR Payroll package in such a manner that it can be customized according to individual business needs. The same goes for the Reports Module. This module is organization-specific and extensive on-demand reports can be generated at the click of a button from the dashboard of the system.
The reports can be generated for any period that is requested. The dashboard can be specifically configured for the reports to be printed. Data for the reports from the master and transaction files can be imported without any hassles whatsoever via Excel files.

Is it wise to install Zapio’s HR payroll Dubai for a business?

It is surely a good idea for any business to install and use Zapio Technologies’ HR payroll software UAE. The reason is that the software packages are affordable and once installed, they can help your HR admins cut through hours of Payroll processing and HR administration functions and work on core business aspects.
While being compliant, our software package helps to manage on-boarding, attendance management, banking systems and all associated HR administration work through centralized cloud-based systems.