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QR code / Digital menu & Online Ordering for restaurant

Online/contactless safe restaurant ordering system or QR menu for restaurants in UAE is getting to be more popular after the pandemic outbreak and its aftermath. Switching to the QR menu is the next normal thing to do for restaurants that want to limit the spread of the virus via surfaces. Providing disposable menus (the ones that are destroyed after each use) is limited by the costs involved. The next best option is the provision of digital menus for restaurants in UAE.

Menus made to be digitally available to all customers on their devices are seen to be a viable option. This can be useful for restaurants of any size. Menus of any size (in the PDF format) can be uploaded in a few seconds’ time and converted to a QR code.

Customers then scan this QR code on their mobile devices to access the different items on the menu. To use the QR code menu, a customer need not use an app. They are easily accessible at the restaurant premises.

If you to create a Digital menu for restaurants in UAE, the steps to create a QR Code for your menus are easy and only a few clicks away.

  • Log on to our dashboard
  • Select the ‘Restaurant Menu’ option
  • Upload your restaurant menu as PDF files
  • Customize your QR code from the options provided
  • Deploy the code in your restaurant

How do menu QR Codes work for restaurants in the UAE

  • DEPLOY: Place the QR Codes menus on the table tops of your restaurant or at the ordering stations.
  • SCAN: When the customer points the mobile camera onto the QR code which then scans this code. A notification will immediately pop up on the customer’s mobile phone. On clicking this notification link, your restaurant’s entire menu will be visible on their smartphones.
  • ORDER: The customer then uses this digital menu to place orders.

Advantages of QR Code Menu

  • Faster service
  • Customers are not rushed
  • Can easily update menu items
  • You can include photos of dishes
  • Reduce pressure on the hospitality staff
  • Enhanced safety and hygiene
  • Easy to get customer feedback
  • Sustainable
  • Cheaper than digital signage

Benefits of QR Menu

QR code menu dubai

No need for printed menus

QR code menus are cheaper than printed menus and more sustainable. The menus appear on the mobile device as soon as the QR code is scanned.

QR code menu dubai

Showcases food images and videos

You can include pictures of any number of mouthwatering dishes on your menu card. This option is not easy otherwise.

QR code menu dubai

Increased efficiency

You can confirm each order as quickly as possible and get started with the cooking. The customers are not rushed and the load is lighter on the hospitality staff.

QR code menu dubai

No app download required

There is no need to download any app when using QR code menus. It would be difficult to download apps whenever you visit a restaurant or if you visit many of them

QR code menu dubai

Place order from digital menu

The customer can place the order on the digital menu itself. This means savings of paper and staff time.

QR code menu dubai

Employee & Document Management

Employees can be more efficiently managed and online ordering for restaurants in the UAE means savings in paper use and document management.

QR code menu dubai

Easy menu updates

Electronic menus make it easy for you to add, modify, or subtract items on the menu whenever required. The changes have to be made only in one place.

QR code menu dubai

No-Touch Menu for Your Restaurant

In the light of the fears stemming from the pandemic, digital menu for restaurants in the UAE is the safest way to operate. It will curb the spread of the pandemic virus.

Why Restaurants need Digital Menu

QR code menu dubai


It is the best way to have your brand logo on every customer’s mobile phone. It is easier to for the customer to keep your restaurant in mind.

QR code menu dubai

Save on printing costs

Having an online menu for restaurants in the UAE is sustainable as it helps to save on printing costs and use of paper.

QR code menu dubai

Easily changeable without reprinting

You can easily change your menu at any point ij time. You can add, modify, or subtract menu items whenever required.

QR code menu dubai

Contactless and touchless experience

You can remove all fears of the spread of the pandemic virus as QR menus for restaurants in the UAE offer a touchless experience.

QR code menu dubai

Attract attention with images & videos

You can include any number of pictures for the dishes on your menu. You can even include videos to show exotic dishes being prepared.

QR code menu dubai

Receive orders on the go

You can receive orders from customers on the go. It is not necessary they are physically present on your premises.

Digital Tablet Menu for Restaurants and Cafes

A great meal starts with the menu

The menu can be made very attractive with pictures for every dish. Why, you can even add preparation videos of your most exotic dishes.

Create Digital menu in Minutes

Unlike digital signage or printing, you can create your QR code menu in a matter of minutes.

Get feedback/reviews

It is easy for customers to provide their feedback/reviews/ratings on digital menus.

Create offers

You can create new offers with pictures on your menu with just a few clicks on your mobile.

Offer Recommendations

You can make personalized offers to your customers based on their consumption patterns over a period of time.

Self-ordering system

QR menus for restaurants in UAE make for a self-ordering system. This can free up the serving staff’s time and improve overall efficiency.

Health Information

You can add relevant health information against every item on the menu in terms of ingredients used and the calorie count.

Multiple ways to categories menus and items

You can categorize menu items in different ways according to the customer preference, popularity, trends, etc.

Multiple Languages

You present your menu in any language that you prefer or in any number of languages that are in use locally.

Upsell your food and beverages

You can make new food and beverage combinations that can bring in additional revenues.

Online Menu for Delivery & Pick Up


Be online in no time

You can get the menu on your phone in just a few seconds. This is perfect for customers who want to pick up food parcels or for the delivery staff.


Zero Commission Online Ordering

Customers can order food straight using the digital menus for restaurants in UAE without requiring the eateries to pay commission fees.


Reduce delivery costs

The overheads in terms of paper and printing costs, no commissions, and ease of getting online orders can reduce delivery costs.


Get new customers

It is easier to get new customers as online ordering is an easier option for many.


Upsell your food

You can get creative with food combos with food items and drinks and this can bring in additional revenues.


Build Loyalty

On-time delivery of the best food at the best rates can build customer loyalty like never before.


Live Order Tracking

The customer can track the status of the online order that they placed with your restaurant from the time it was picked up and till the time it is delivered at their doorstep.


No App needed!

Your customers do not have to download any app onto their mobile devices. They have to simply point the device at the QR code as they enter your premises.


Sell on your Website

You can sell food items on your website to enable customer online food orders to be delivered at their doorstep.


Pickup option

Your customers can pick up the food from your restaurant premises after placing online orders.


Manage from anywhere

As a business owner, you can manage your menu, revenues, and orders from just about anywhere and while on the go without any additional costs.


Increase Sales & Revenue

Online menus for delivery and pickup via websites for restaurants in the UAE are a definitive method to increase sales and revenues.

Why Zapio Menu

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A contactless touchless food ordering system that makes for original, easily maintainable, and sustainable QR code menu

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No special device required: accept incoming orders from your smartphone

Versatile software from Zapio allows you to easily accept food orders placed by your customers from your smartphone. There is no additional device required.

Restaurant-Branded Website and Mobile Apps

Each restaurant can have its own branded website and mobile apps complete with logo. This helps your brand to stand out in your customers’ minds and in the marketplace.

Simple and smooth ordering process

Zapio’s online menu ordering for delivery and pickup is simple and easy to use ensuring a smooth customer experience.

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