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Simple time and attendance is more than just an easy to use, intuitive product. Your team can easily clock in and out of their shift.

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Tailored Time and Attendance Systems in Dubai

Zapio will provide a tailored Time Attendance Management Solution in Dubai for your organization, based on your specific requirements and number of employees. This solution can then be expanded with additional hardware, employee capacity and functionality when you require it. Our time attendance systems consist of both hardware and software. We offer a range of clocking in methods, including mobile application, proximity and biometric Clocking In Terminals. Different clocking in methods, such as physical terminals and remote clocking, can also be combined.

How to track employee time and attendance in UAE

Managing teams means knowing who is working and where. And it means keeping scheduled time off, sick days and missed shifts in mind. Managers and admins can see who is working and view attendance records on any device. Zapio is the best-rated time and attendance tracker, with five-star reviews. Zapio, best time attendance software in Dubai makes it easy to set up employee clock in and out reminders. Employees can also view scheduled shifts or jobs from their mobile devices. Managers and admins can approve time and see who is on the clock from the web dashboard or mobile app.

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Coolest Features of our Time Attendance Software in Dubai

Stand Alone Time Clocks
Ideal for small businesses because they do not require software to operate. For companies who have limited technical skills or simply do not have the time to setup a more complex software
Fingerprint Time Clocks
If you require the added security of fingerprint attendance or facial recognition attendance system, then a biometric time clock system is your insurance against employee time theft.
Cloud & Phone App Systems
Do you have mobile workers? If you do then an employee time and attendance software in Australia with the option for staff to clock their times with a GPS tagged location is a must.
Enterprise Systems
If your company has multiple sites with centrally managed payroll then a robust multi-site time attendance software may be the best option for you.

Predict how many Staff you Need at Any Time

Set up a time clock on any device in minutes and have your staff start clocking in. See clock ins live from any device and never worry about inaccurate staff timesheets again. Say goodbye to paper timesheets and time theft with Zapio’s verified clock ins and automated, accurate timesheets. Save time by auto approving timesheets. Shifts that have been verified and match the roster are auto approved to save your team from repetitive admin tasks. Zapio's world-leading time attendance software now works everywhere in the world.

time attendance software Dubai
time attendance software UAE

Remotely Clock-in and out using their Mobile

From subcontractors on field work to company drivers on the road, the GPS Clock-in App lets everyone to clock-in right from their mobile device. For the fast-paced business, multiple sites need to be checked every day. Managers will easily know where staff are with Zapio’s verified clock-in system. Timesheets automatically sync GPS locations of all clock-ins and outs, so there is no room to worry about the whereabouts of employees. Do you have rostered multiple staff who travel from one site to another? The GPS Clock-in logs the longitude and latitude of all records, showing you their exact location in a glance.

Simple Time & Attendance Software in Dubai

Our team prides itself on offering an all-encompassing Time Attendance System in Dubai. As well as providing all the equipment and time attendance software required, we carry out the full system installation, training, and comprehensive aftercare support. The modules are flexible enough that any changes can be easily accommodated and flexible to do any third-party integrations. We would welcome the opportunity to visit your offices to provide a demonstration of our Time Attendance Systems in UAE.

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