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Cloud-based Kiosk
Management Software

ZapioVMS has innovative range of Kiosk management software can help a business professionally identify, welcome, and ensure the welfare of visitors and contractors alike.

Whether you are looking for a paper visitor pass or an electronic visitor sign-in system, we will have the right solution for you. All our Kiosk management software products are fully customizable and supported by our dedicated Dubai customer service team. ZapioVMS specializes in providing customizable electronic visitor & contractor management solutions across globe

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Optimized Kiosk
Management Software

Kiosk management is the process where all guests at a building or organization are greeted, acknowledged, and registered so they can be moved along to the right place and right person that allows them to complete their task.

Up until the digital age, visitor management relied on paper, requiring a person to greet guests, prompt them to sign in and record the reason for their visit, then direct to the person or area of the business they were seeking to visit. Now Instead of this paper-based method, a tablet-based Kiosk management software sees iPads or tablets installed at reception to welcome guests to a venue.

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Benefits Of A Tablet-Based Kiosk
Management Software

• Customer Satisfaction
When your business welcomes guests with our Kiosk management software efficiently, promptly, and professionally it sets the immediate tone for customer Experience
• Improved Security
Because a tablet-based Kiosk management software is immediate, automatic and can be accessed remotely, it allows your organization to track who is on the premises in real-time and why they are there.
• Time Savings
Whether you have a full-time staff member who mans the front desk, or various staff members who meet and greet, a tablet-based Kiosk management software offers guests a uniform experience
• Paper Reduction
Tablet-based Kiosk management software help reduce the inevitable paperwork of business, electronically recording and storing details rather than relying on visitor welcome books

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Real-time reports &
Easy to use Dashboard

As a true cloud-based Kiosk management software , the ZapioVMS supports real-time remote access and insight.

This is a key feature for modern businesses, many of which use distributed teams working from several different locations. As soon as the Kiosk management software app is updated, a report can be commissioned. This means administrators have the latest information and data right at their fingertips. No struggling with complicated user interfaces. No danger of data going missing or reports being misplaced. Instead, anyone can use the ZapioVMS thanks to its intuitive and smart UX design. This is achieved without sacrificing security, as only properly authorized personnel will be able to access the Kiosk management software.

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We’ll Take you from
Greet to Great

Protect your facilities, employees and guests while transforming host and visitor experience.

Streamline the entire visitor cycle from pre-registration, to arrival, to on-site experience, to check-out with our Kiosk management software. Paper-based visitor management systems are old-fashioned, messy, and wasteful. Make your visitors feel welcome with a customized Kiosk management software that engages them from the get-go. Monitor the flow of people on-site with central access to people presence data. Know the identities and whereabouts of all people on-site to ensure their safety.

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Add a Little WOW
to the Workday

Meet your guest's expectations and impress visitors with an easy-to-use check-in and Kiosk management system .

Get off on the right foot, even before visitors arrive with pre-registration in Outlook or Office 365. Zapio’s Kiosk management software will automatically send directions and information about the building. Hosts receive a notification as soon as their visitors checked in or when they receive a delivery
Simplicity, clever design, and awesome support. Our values back up our technology so that it works for you, beautifully.

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We understand that Technologies is an integral driver of success in today’s business world and offer a complete suite of services to exceed your every need.

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Preregister Important Guests

Preregister important guests and even have their visitor pass ready before arrival for a complete ‘no touch’ visitor experience. ZapioVMS can sign in visitors, contractors and staff within seconds using either the iPad app or online dashboard. It can even send automatic ‘host notifications’ when visitors arrive. Add photos and department details to give an inviting and warm welcome.

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Offline Mode

If for any reason your iPad loses internet connectivity, ZapioVMS automatically enables offline mode. As a result, visitors and staff can continue to sign-in and out of your site with no interruption. As soon as your internet connection reconnects, all of your visitor information uploads to the dashboard in seconds.

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Data Security

All data transfers between the iPad and dashboard are fully encrypted using an SSL certificate that is updated every 90 days ZapioVMS stores your data on a cloud server hosted by leading cloud hosting. A dedicated virtual private server runs the ZapioVMS application with a 100% uptime. In the unlikely event of maintenance or downtime customers will be given advance warning. Backups are taken daily and stored on a secured server.

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Your new visitor management system is moments away. Get started with a free trial. No credit card. No obligation. No risk. Safe, Simple, modern and fast visitor management & tracking for your visitors, customers, contractors and employees to sign in and sign out. Improve safety, security and compliance for your visitors, contractors, staff and assets.

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