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Effective Visitor Management System in Dubai

Zapio’s superior visitor management system in Dubai is a cloud-based solution that will help the user to manage visitors within the bounds of a premise. The software is constructed to work on a single site and equally efficiently on multiple sites, whether in the same compound, inside a country, or across the world. It is the perfect substitute for a manual visitor management system and lets the control remain with the organization at all points in time.

The visitor management software Dubai , created by Zapio, works to keep staff and visitors safe inside the premises of your organization, helps in evacuation in times of emergency and also serves in the management and protection of assets inside the premises.

Zapio’s contactless visitor management system is an end-to-end fully automated system, starting from visitor sign-in to onboarding and sign-out. Visitors are allowed to check-in themselves and this helps to save both time and other precious resources.

The contactless visitor registration system is enabled by either standalone kiosks or any device that the reception is already using. This includes touch-screen devices or tablet devices. This arrangement automatically manages both arrival and departure of all who walk in and walk out of the premises.

Visitor management software in Dubai is available as an app in both iOS and Android formats. Once activated, the app syncs with the organization’s account allowing check-in of legitimate staff, visitors, and contractors.

The admin panel/ dashboard of the app allows the team to customize the app according to the organization’s needs, view activity, send messages to specific points, and also print extensive reports according to the requirements.

The Visitor management software package is versatile in that it supports multilingual responses. The user can decide and choose a specific language during the registration process. Moreover, the app can easily scan government-approved identity documents including an individual’s Emirates ID, passport, or driver’s license.

The Visitor management software is programmed to print ID badges for any visitor on your premises and this helps to greatly improve the security inside your organization’s premises. The VMS is a plug-and-play system that can be set up very easily and the whole system can be made functional within minutes.

Zapio’s visitor management system Dubai also provides some value-added functions such as:

  • Sending timely reminders in real time to visitors ahead of their scheduled visit
  • Sending welcome messages to visitors as they reach your premise’s gates
  • Allows regular visitors to sign in fast using a QR code scanning system
  • Allows bypass of data that has already been entered in the past

Features: Visitor Management Software Dubai

VMS Software Dubai

Tablet-based sign-in

Zapio’s visitor management system in UAE realizes that relying on a receptionist to welcome visitors, sign them in and then check them out, can be a cumbersome and tedious job and leaves a paper trail. Our tablet-based sign-in system can fulfil this compliance at a much less cost.

VMS Software Dubai

Online & Offline Compatible

Zapio's visitor management solution in Dubai is cloud-based. However, the package when installed works even when the system is offline. Visitor operations are not hindered. All data automatically syncs with the system when it goes online.

VMS Software Dubai

Pre-registration with QR Code

Front desk staff or employees with access to Zapio’s Contactless visitor management system can pre-register visitors even before they arrive on the online visitor management portal. These visitors can have a quick check-in using their printed QR Code. This works well with regular visitors. A calendar invite with all the visit details may be sent to both the host and the visitor.

VMS Software Dubai

Visitor's Badge

Security in any premises can be greatly improved by allowing visitors in a regulated manner. Zapio’s VMS can be configured to print visitor badges as soon as the person checks into your premise. The cloud-based software is a simple plug-n-play system. The printing can be made functional within minutes.

VMS Software Dubai

Check-in using emirates ID

Any visitor coming into your premises can check themselves in. This contactless check-in system is programmed to read all UAE identity documents such as an individual’s Emirates ID, passport, or driver’s license.

VMS Software Dubai

Real-time Notifications

This easy-to-install visitor management software Dubai app works to send real-time messages to visitors. The visitors are reminded with timely messages on their mobile phones before the scheduled arrival times. First-time visitors are welcomed with appropriate messages as soon as they reach the gate. The hosts are duly informed when visitors arrive at the gate.

VMS Software Dubai


Zapio’s visitor management system in Dubai comes with several features that allow many reports to be printed in a matter of minutes. From visitors’ badges at the entry point, the reporting system allows graphical representations of visitors on the site. The feature also stores visitor data for future reference. Visitor books, visitors by specific hosts, visitors by registration, reason, etc., are other available printing options, among others.

VMS Software Dubai

Multi-language (English/Arabic)

Our visitor management software in Dubai system is versatile enough to respond according to the language of preference of the visitor. Zapio’s visitor management system app is programmed to respond in either English or Arabic according to the visitor’s stated preference in the sign-in procedure.

VMS Software Dubai

Emergency / Evacuation

In case of any emergency on your premises, it is extremely important to know who all are inside your premises. Zapio’s visitor management system ensures that no one is left behind after evacuation, whether visitors or your staff members. The evacuation, list formed by the list is a centralized, updated and single list that the visitor management software in UAE, uses in times of an emergency. Moreover, the app can be opened on any number of devices facilitating quick evacuation.

VMS Software Dubai

Visitor Management System in Dubai for
Government Offices

The Contactless visitor management system that we have created at Zapio is the perfect one to be installed in any government office, from local to national government offices.

Government offices have strict security requirements. High security is a compulsory requirement when it comes to government offices. Government offices have to deal with sensitive and confidential information and documents many times. Hence, the identification of visitors is a compulsory affair.

It is not sufficient to just deploy a security guard at the entrance of government offices or organizations to track and restrict visitors. Therefore, it is vital to set up a fully automated visitor management software UAE.

Zapio’s visitor management software is designed to make your government office intruder-proof. The visitor management system UAE, allows a contactless visitor check-in system which is simple to use. This method does away with the wastage of personnel time and precious resources like paper.

Visitors can check via kiosks or tablet devices placed at the entrance of the government facility. The VMS dashboard system admin can get clear real-time information about the visitors and staff inside the premises.

Check-in details of every visitor such as name, email address, mobile number, hostname, etc., are recorded and subsequently, a notification is sent to the concerned host.

The visitor management software in Dubai is designed to print badges for every visitor after scanning their ID documents (Emirates ID, passport, driving license, etc.) This makes the identification process easy and simple. This also helps to reduce the risk of robbery and corruption in these offices.

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VMS Software Dubai

Visitor Management Software UAE for
Gated Communities

It is vital to maintain a secure visitor management system in the gated communities in India. Zapio’s cloud-based visitor management software allows effective maintenance of visitors’ records in gated communities.

The conventional intercom systems can be discarded and the residents can use a more advanced and reliable visitor identification system that uses passcodes. This allows residents to approve the arrival of only specified visitors with passcodes.

visitor management software in UAE, also has a simplified procedure for new visitors that turn up at the gate. Residents would receive a message on their mobiles from the VMS app. They can then approve the entry of the visitor if they feel so.

Any parking issue inside the gates can be resolved by getting in touch with the car’s owner via a VMS message.

With a reliable Internet connection, the system can maintain records of all those visitors who made it through the gates. The check-in and checkout timings can also be archived along with the personal details of every visitor.

The visitor management system in UAE allows multiple user logins for the software package. The visitor, the resident, and the security guard all log in to decide whether to allow the visitor into the gates or not

All these facets of the visitor management software in UAE, serve to do away with paper-based registration systems, the resident verifies every visitor carefully, residents can approve the guests from any location, and proper visitor management at the gates reduces the congestion in the said area.

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VMS Software Dubai

Visitor Management Software in Dubai for
corporate offices

visitor management system UAE from Zapio tracks everyone who enters your office or your corporate building. A visitor may be a customer, a job applicant, a delivery person, a contractor, or a consultant. They could also be a regular full-time employee. The VMS formally tracks visitors.

Corporates of today want tight security at the front gate and want to use innovative and modern technology for this. visitor management software UAE, is designed to perform the core job of checking visitors at the gate. The other functions include:

  • Maintain a visitor log (cloud-based)
  • Help you identify your visitors by taking their photos
  • Print visitor ID badges
  • Accept deliveries from courier services
  • Send an email, SMS, and Slack notifications when visitors arrive
  • Make two-way communication possible between employees and visitors
  • Provide instructions for visitors

Our contactless and cheap visitor management system UAE frees up the front-office personnel's time so that they can improve their productivity. Moreover, it helps to save precious resources like paper and time.

Zapio’s visitor management software Dubai helps to create the first impression that your brand just requires. This happens even if there is a physical receptionist to greet you at the office entrance. A positive experience is created for the visitor when the check-in is quick and the system leads you to wherever you want to go quickly without any waste of time. 

In addition to all of these, the Visitor management solution Dubai allows two-way communication, forwards, messages, and provides notifications via multiple channels.

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VMS Software Dubai

Visitor Management System in UAE for

There are many uses that Zapio’s visitor management system in UAE, can be put to in an apartment complex. They are:

  • You can maintain a cloud-based visitor log of who enters your apartment and for what purpose. OTP verification is used by the app to ensure that the information is accurate.
  • You will have photos of your visitors and this helps you to identify the visitors in cases of emergency. These can be sent to the residents for them to identify whether the visitors are legitimate or not.
  • The app is designed to track visitors in real-time inside the premises. All the information regarding the visitor is maintained and this can be sorted and extracted later into various relevant reports.
  • You can easily identify any visitor who is currently present in the apartment complex at any point in time.
  • You can accept courier deliveries.
  • The system will send SMS, email, and Slack notifications when visitors arrive at the gates.
  • It allows two-way communications between the residents and their visitors.
  • All arrivals and checkouts are documented. This helps the regular visitors to have a smooth sign-in process as the system is designed to remember their details.
  • The visitor check-in process does away with the paper-based sign-in process thereby saving precious natural resources. Moreover, the information entered is less prone to errors.
  • Visitors, who are unaware of the location of the building, can be provided appropriate instructions to reach the venue.
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VMS Software Dubai

Visitor Management System Dubai for
Schools /Universities

Zapio’s visitor management system Dubai is designed to streamline and simplify visitor flows in schools and university campuses. A school or university campus has a large number of people passing through its gates daily: students, staff, administrators, guests, etc. 

The reception area in a school or university is set up to guide students and visitors who come in for various purposes. Zapio’s self-check-in system relieves front-office staff to become more productive as students, teachers and guests can sign in themselves without any help. Visitors can have their badges printed and students can even mark their attendance using this system. Large groups of visitors can be issued QR codes before their arrival. They can scan these codes when they arrive and can enter them once these codes are verified.

In the case where the university or school has many buildings, different kiosks can be set up to mark entry or exit. The visitor management software in UAE, can use present QR codes to allow entry or meet hosts in these kiosks.

This system can proactively ensure utmost security for students once inside the campus and facilitate safe evacuation in case of emergencies.

The visitor management system UAE, can also flag known offenders or high-risk suspects who arrive at the gates of the school or university. However, this will have to use external databases for cross-referencing.

Temporary staff members can be tracked for purposes of invoicing and reporting to authorities.

Mass alert notifications are possible over multiple devices and centralized lists are made use of for mass evacuation conditions when emergencies occur.

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VMS Software Dubai

Visitor Management Software in Dubai
for Hospitals

Healthcare facilities, especially after the pandemic, are prone to security as well as operational risks. Their requirements are usually complex as many people is always present inside the premises.

Every person passing through the different gates and entrances had to be scanned for good health during the pandemic. Zapio’s contactless visitor management software in Dubai would work best in such locations.

Visitors can self-check-in using this visitor management software UAE, via kiosks and tablet devices made ready for the purpose. Immediate notifications/alerts are sent to the hosts when there is an entry made. This also limits the spread of disease-causing microorganisms. On approval, the visitors can meet the concerned personnel.

Regular visitors can make a smooth check-in as the details are already stored. Visitors can also fill in a health form on their mobile phones via the app as soon as they make an entry. It is also possible to send out non-disclosure agreements to the visitors as far as health rules and safety precautions are concerned. 

Visitors can have printed badges as they walk in and the visitors are tracked as long as they are on the premises. When only authorized visitors make an entry into the hospital premises, the people, staff, equipment, data and assets are all kept more secure. 

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Visitor Management System in Dubai: Benefits


When your visitor management software Dubai is a cloud-based system, you would be able to access visitor data on different types of devices, such as PCs, laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and even your tablet devices. You would also be able to get into the system and anonymize the visitors’ data as and when required.

Contactless check-in

When you deploy a cloud-based visitor management system in UAE,, visitors can check in remotely using their smartphones by scanning a unique QR code which can be sent in early or at the front desk on arrival. This allows the guest to complete the check-in process without any human intervention. After verifying the identity of the visitor based on relevant documents, a notification can be sent to the host for approval. This contactless procedure minimizes the risk of spreading disease and ensures the security and safety of your premises.

Instant Employee Notifications

A cloud-based visitor management system UAE enables faster communication with the staff. As soon as a visitor enters your premises, the system will send notifications or alerts via text (SMS)/email/ mobile push notifications/web-based push notifications to a specified list of recipients such as the staff or first respondents/security staff in case of an emergency.

Visit Approvals

A cloud-based visitor management software in UAE, automatically alerts the specific employee whose guest has arrived. The VMS sends instantaneous alerts to the correct staff member that their guest has arrived. The visitor is allowed entry only if the visitor approves and recognizes the visitor who has come to the gates. The employee thus never greets the wrong guest. Moreover, the security of your premises is enhanced with such a system in place as no unauthorized visitor is allowed entry.

Cloud and on-premises deployment

A cloud-based visitor management software and data can be securely hosted in the cloud. This system can be accessed from anywhere. Cloud-hosted systems allow quick deployment and third-party integration options. They can be scaled easily according to the organization’s requirements. On-premises VMS usually run-on company network systems (LAN/WAN) and store data and apps on local hardware. They require heavy investment and cannot be accessed outside the facility. They are expensive to both maintain and scale.

Access Control Integration

Access control integration with visitor management system in UAE, allows you to track visitor movements. You can always restrict the entry of visitors to sensitive areas. This integration is necessary when visitors or contractors are allowed free access to your premises and may not always be escorted by a host. Integrating an organization's VMS with its access control system, allows the two systems to work side by side and grant entry only to authorized personnel.

Meeting room management

Cloud-based visitor management system allows integrated meeting room management for its users. It allows seamless management of meeting rooms and other resources in real-time. The system is designed to display free meeting rooms with its attributes. This solution can be offered to users via multiple touchpoints to suit all user preferences.

Integration with Queue Management

A cloud-based visitor management software can be designed to manage queues on your premises. The VMS app can notify visitors with a token number sent to their mobiles. They are alerted about their positions in advance. Therefore, they will approach the front desk only when their token number is displayed on a screen in the reception area. They can perform a check-in if their visit is approved.

Centralized Dashboard

A centralized dashboard helps personnel manage visitor lists and logs more efficiently. A centralized dashboard displays visitors’ data all at once in the desired format. Versions of visitor management software UAE, are designed to manage visitors’ details for multiple locations for large organizations. Data is centralized and updated to reflect the latest details. Users can access the visitors’ data from anywhere to cross-check in case of emergencies and for purposes of verification.

Employee app for pre-booking and check-in

The visitor management app can be designed to facilitate employee check-in in your organization. Employees reporting for work can report at the front desk and do a contactless check-in with a cloud-based app. Authorized employees can be allowed to pre-book facilities of the organization when they can view the resources available on the screen.

Print Name Badges

AT the check-in the visitor management software in Dubai can be enabled to scan an approved visitor’s identity documents (passport, driving license, etc.) and immediately print a badge that the visitor can wear. This makes it easy for the host to recognize the visitors if they are inside the campus.

Emergency Alerts

In case of emergencies, the visitor management software Dubai can be designed to send notifications/alerts to all the visitors on the campus, based on a centralized visitor list. The visitor management system UAE, would also work across multiple devices which means all the members on the campus can be notified instantaneously of the emergency and this greatly helps evacuation procedure.

Why is Visitor Management System in Dubai Important?

If you are contemplating setting up a visitor management software in UAE, you should know its importance and the benefits it could offer. Visitor management is welcoming guests and taking in the necessary information from them when they visit your worksite or facility. Information collected usually involves collecting the name, the host name, time of arrival and departure, the identification details of the visitor, purpose of the visit, etc. Given below are some key reasons why you should implement a visitor management system (VMS) in your organization.

It reinforces your brand

It could well be the nemesis of your brand if a new visitor walked in at the gates and found no one to receive them in or collect their details. However, a good-quality VMS that helps them to check-in without any human intervention would positively reinforce the quality of your brand.

It impresses your visitors

A visitor management software UAE, is the first point of contact for a visitor who reaches the gates of your organization. An. If you have allowed the visitor to interact with a flawless well-designed VMS, almost half the work is done because the visitor would have gained a good impression of your brand. 

It improves office efficiency

A VMS that allows visitors to feed in their details without human intervention can help to free up the office staff to do more productive work. This improves office efficiency.

It enhances data security No one can enter the office premises without being permitted by the visitor management software in Dubai. Also, the VMS can be made to track every visitor present on the campus till they leave the premises. There are fewer chances of theft. This enhances the safety of important data as well as the assets inside the organization's premises

It offers a modern reception area

Installing a modern VMS instead of a front-office receptionist desk is relevant in these modern times. Unmanned kiosks and tablet devices installed with cloud-based VMS can help with a quick check-in.

It makes for reduced visitor waiting times

The VMS can be designed to dispatch QR codes to scheduled visitors in advance. On arrival at the gate, the visitor can get the QR codes scanned and move inside on approval after self-check-in. This will greatly cut down the waiting times of the visitors.

It offers better on-site transparency

The implementation of a smart cloud-based visitor management software Dubai leads to more efficient check-in at the entrance of the campus. The process becomes the same and thus more transparent for visitors, contracted employees, and staff members alike. The security is enhanced, and time records of entering and existing facilities can be maintained in the logs.

It allows efficient contractor management

Management and verification of visitors entering and exiting facilities are vital for maintaining security and compliance. A VMS can be designed so that contractors are aware of security compliance and can report correctly about their activities inside the campus. This would be difficult in a manual system in large organizations. Some of the functionalities which can be included are uploading contractor induction videos, contract period, qualifications, and license verification and checking, verifying insurance documentation, verifying contractor hours against invoices submitted, and preventing contractors from signing in if their contract has expired

A well-designed visitor management software in Dubai with modern features is critical for the efficient functioning of modern enterprises that want to future-proof the front-house operation

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Forget Traditional Visitor LogBooks

Our affordable visitor management system replaces the normal visitor log books during which the visitor details are entered along side their IN and OUT time. It is quick, easy and provides accurate information about the visitors and whom they visit, etc. visitor management software dubai app
The solution handles the whole process of visitor management including registering the visitors, issuing the badges and logging their IN and OUT time. The reports module provides all the required reports about the visitors making it a perfect solution for corporate, airlines, government institutions, oil & gas etc visitor management system dubai

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Multi-Platform Support

“A simple visitor management system dubai It's not just a single app, it's a complete suite of applications deployed on Web, iOS, and Android which helps you to manage your regular visitors.”

ZapioVMS is simple visitor management system dubai which optimize your cheap visitor management system Dubai. The ZapioVMS suite consists of a tablet, that sits at your reception area for visitors to do self check-in, the ZapioVMS user app for your employees to manage their visitors & superfast check-ins, and the Vizitor dashboard for web check-ins.

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Cheap visitor management software Agreements

Visitor Agreements present your visitors with legal agreements or NDA's at the reception kiosk desk that they must sign on before entering the premises. The Visitor Agreements feature includes version control - letting you track agreement sign date, version, addendums and signature capture. This feature includes a large display pop-up window, which can display any type of media you like; a floor layout diagram, a declaration of organization rules, or even a live video to play within the app. One popular way they are being utilized is as floor diagrams, helping visitors get to their destination with less confusion. Each visitor will need to tap “I Accept” in order to be granted access from the visitor software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a list of the most frequently asked questions in Visitor Management System in UAE
Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have!

What is a contactless visitor management system?

The VMS software by Zapio Technologies is a visitor management system created for UAE businesses. This cloud-based software helps to record visitors’ details using a tablet at the entrance of the facility. This flexible software package can be customized to suit any business. This system facilitates a paperless visitor management system UAE.

The visitors’ details are recorded on a tablet placed at the facility’s entrance including taking a snapshot picture of the visitor. It is a 100% contactless system and results immediately in an improved visitor experience that is uniform for everyone.

What are the benefits of the Visitor management system UAE made by Zapio Technologies?

The contactless visitor management system in Dubai when used by any organization results in several benefits. First, such a system provides a uniform reception experience for every visitor. The system helps to set a professional tone at the very beginning of the visit. Tracking visitors’ presence in real-time while they are on your premises provides improved security at your facility

Such a system does away with the need for a person to sit in the reception area as the meet and greet process is completely managed by recording details on the tablet. Moreover, this leads to a significant decrease in the amount of paper used.

Why is visitor management software for Dubai businesses important?

For many visitors, more number of visitors translates to business success. However, safety of the business premises cannot be scarificed. Zapio’s VMS, a visitor management system for businesses in Dubai, helps you to effectively welcome guests to your facility while simultaneously exercising control on who gets in and who gets to stay for how much time inside your facility.

You can also decide the parts of your facility where guests can move about freely. The cloud-based VMS by Zapio does away with paper, logbooks and the need for a person to be stationed at the reception of the facility for meet-and-greet purposes.

How does the visitor management system Dubai work?

Visitor management software UAE combine technology, communication systems, security systems and analytics that work together to provide a great contactless experience for any visitor who presents at your facility. This system helps to provide a uniform meet-and-greet procedure and a great first impression to your visitor about your organization.

In these pandemic times, this is a great tool that the managers (facilities) of any organization can use with great effectiveness. The net results of using this VMS are a safe experience for the visitor, a safe reception area environment, and reduced costs.

Who all can use Zapio’s visitor management system?

Zapio Technologies has created a simple visitor management system that anyone can use. Any organization can buy and install this package. From Airports to schools to hotels to commercial establishments, exhibitions and art galleries, any organization can install this software package and derive benefits straight away. They can also be effectively used in large manufacturing centers and hospitals.

This technology solution will help any organization derive better ROI on their investments while keeping their facilities safe and providing a professional and enjoyable experience for their visitors.

How to choose the best visitor management system?

Before shifting to a simple visitor management system for your organization, it is a good idea to keep the following pointers in mind:

Think about your visitor flow and volumes. Also, watch how your employees and visitors use your building facility.

Evaluate the current reception desk service that is offered in terms of experience, efficiency, time consumed, and costs. Find out if the current VMS offers a touch-less experience for your visitors.

Do a cost-benefit analysis of setting up a VMS system. Think of ROI and not the costs involved when deciding to install a VMS.

Does the easy visitor management system by Zapio print paper visitor passes?

Zapio’s visitor management solutions are contactless but very flexible. Our cloud-based visitor management solution is versatile and can be completely customized to our client’s business requirements. Whether you are looking for a paper pass or just an electronic sign-in for visitors, we can duly customize the package according to your requirements.

Many of our clients still prefer paper-printed visitor passes as these can be displayed to security officers at all times and whenever required. Our meet-and-greet unit is equipped to print a paper visitor pass during the contactless check-in session.

How do Zapio’s visitor management solutions contribute to workplace security?

Zapio’s easy visitor management system Dubai can be installed in commercial spaces, factories, etc., to ensure the security of these spaces. The VMS software package is extremely useful in professional settings where there are several visitors daily. Badges can be given to guests to ensure that they do not overstay on the premises. Many of these facilities can be managed from a single centralized location.

The software system allows you to form and import lists of prohibited guests and the system can generate extensive on-demand reports. This will keep unauthorized persons from gaining access to important areas on your premises. The system promotes safety through a comprehensive sign-in process for the visitors.

How can visitor management software for offices make the environment secure?

A visitor management system for offices greatly improves its security. As the employees of an office that have badges and ID cards, it is also important that the visitors to your offices should don visitor badges. Whereas some visitor management systems electronically generate a visitor pass. There are others designed to print visitor badges. This pass would contain their photo, the person in your office that they are visiting and the expiration time of the visitor’s pass.

This ensures that only authorized people gain access to the office premises and only those permitted to remain there at any instant can be found inside the office.

What are some of the functions that a visitor management system for offices performs?

Visitor management software for offices performs many functions that vastly improve the security of the space. In addition to ensuring that only authorized visitors can be found at any instant of time inside the office premises, they also perform additional functions such as:

  • Capturing electronic signature of the visitor and storing it in the system for additional identity verification
  • Maintaining a digital visitor log with check-in and check-out times
  • Maintain the privacy of the visitor log
  • Message forwarding system to help employees engage with visitors in case some are absent